Sunday, 1 May 2011

So, why a Super Solution??

fair question.

I have had a real passion for Biplanes since I could recognise one, something about the bridge like structure, the obvious strength, the evocative look, the romance, the small dimensions, all of which make them incredibly attractive to me.
I was drawn to the Pitts designs at an early age, and I have always loved the look, sounds and performance of radial engines, so the most attractive Pitts was always Samson, a one off airshow design by Curtis Pitts back in the late 50`s, and first replicated by Steve Wolf in the mid 80`s, and then recreated a number of times by various builders.
Of the various Samson replica`s built I think this was the most beautiful, built by Barry Manktelow, for Pip Boorman.
This was the one for me, but at 19 years  of age, it seemed a bit more than I could imagine building, so instead, I built a single seat Pitts. Then I got a Christen Eagle II, then built another Pitts S1S.
But I always wanted a Samson.
Over the years I collected everything on Samson, I started a fuselage, and a complete set of wing ribs. I also realised that the airplane had some limitations, and there were certain things I wanted to change.
But the main negative for me was that it was not a real racing aircraft, it just looked like one.
Everytime I thought of the ultimate racing biplane, I kept coming back to the Laird Super Solution, and eventually there really was no other choice.
To me, there is no bad angle to the Super Solution, it looks fantastic from any view. From the front it has a Bulldog like appearance, all engine and gear, the wings are short, but still in proportion, the fuselage tapers drastically, yet the tail still looks great, from the side it looks like it is going 200 miles an hour, and from the back it looks powerful. In my opinion there is not a bad line on the aircraft.
(Would anyone be interested in a set of really nice Samson ribs?)


  1. Pete I am interested in your Samson ribs if you are really interested in selling them. I am in the Pacific NW, working on a Pitts Super Stinker right now.... Great site!

  2. Josh,
    email me and I can send you some photos of the ribs, etc.

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