Monday, 2 May 2011

Firewall Forward

While most of the subjects so far have been centered around the wings, and they represent most of the racers visual progress to date, I have still been collecting bits behind the scenes.

From my very good friend Mark Blok, I purchased the engine for the Super Solution some time back.
(ignore the colour please)
The engine was removed from a DHC 2 Beaver, having reached its time to OH, and is currently stored with LA Aero, awaiting rebuild. As there are calenderic items on the engine, (and it`s a very expensive process) this will have to wait until it is imminently required, and I think we are still a while away from that!
Mark also included a Hamilton Standard 2D30 Constant Speed propeller, which is in need of a full rebuild but it is a valuable addition to the project. While I intend to run a ground adjustable propeller similar to the one shown below (the hubs are the correct 5406 hubs, but the blades are 4350's. They are beautiful but not rated for the 450HP 985). I think it may be wise to initially run the CS, due the potential adjustment issues with the fixed Hamilton Standard propeller. There would of course also be C of G issues as the CS unit is much heavier than the ground adjustable propeller.

(I am sure the yellow case looked great in the Beaver, but for the Super Solution, we will revert to a more standard and subdued P&W grey)

By the way, should anyone have a set of suitable HS "toothpick" blades, rebuilt or acceptable for OH, please let me know.

Shown above is the Hamilton Standard ground adjustable propeller.This is comprised of a set of 4350 blades and a 5406 30 spline hub. I have also managed to locate a couple of spare hubs.
These hubs are getting very rare these days so a couple of spares are a welcome addition, in particular if the main chosen hub should fail its inspection. ( luckily, they all look perfect )

I have also recently located and purchased a complete set of R985 baffles which are getting very hard to locate, as well as many engine fittings, hoses, and components.
I now have an original engine mount ring, and the engine mount attach brackets.
But, perhaps the luckiest find so far, has been a set of NOS cowling skins, formed rings, and all brackets, which will allow a custom cowl to be built up exactly as the original was, using pre formed cowl sections. These have not been built for 60+ years, and are extremely rare.
I think the project is in good shape FWF, with the major components all on hand.

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