Monday, 2 May 2011

Finally... we reach the beginning

I have managed to catch up with the current status of the project, as of May 1, 2011.

The lower RH wing now has the ribs glued in place, and ready to varnish, all plywood doublers glued in place.
The lower LH wing is ready to glue, all parts made and fit, holes drilled, and ribs final fit.
The steel fittings are all powder coated and ready for re-assembly, and the aileron hinges are finish welded and waiting for final assembly.
The wing tip bows are complete and require final shaping, taper and sanding, then will be attached to the now tapered spars.
The new hardware to assemble the lower wings is now all in hand.
The lower wing drag / anti drag wires should be shipped from NZ within a week.
The leading edge spars, for the LH and RH wings are now laminated and await final profiling.
The wing trailing edge material is now in hand.
The aileron rib template material is now in hand and the rib profiles have been determined.

In other news, all fuselage 4130 tubing is in hand and awaiting assembly.
I hope to get a start on the fuselage assembly by late May.

The landing gear, both main gear and tailwheel assembly, are under assembly in Australia with a highly competent and experienced friend.
(more on this later)

The Tail surfaces are also currently underway, in Canada.
(more on this later)

The trim assembly machining is about to start.

The majority of the original instruments have been purchased and are in hand.

I shall be updating this as and when I have new photos and progress to report. This will certainly NOT be  on a daily or even a weekly basis, but it should be fairly regular.

I am happy to respond to comments, or questions, and I am always grateful for advice.

Should anyone have items, parts, or components which they think are relevent to the project, I would enjoy hearing from them.
My email address is shown in my profile.

If you have managed to get this far, thanks, and hopefully you have found it interesting.

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