Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Super Solution Replica`s

As I began the process of collecting drawings, as well as photos, documents, and dimensions, I also began to meet and hear of people involved in previous Super Solution projects.
I was aware that the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) had completed a replica of the Super Solution in the early 1980`s, from a project started by the Florida Antique aircraft association in the mid 70`s.
Florida Antique Aircraft Association/ EAA replica under construction
The EAA replica was completed to a high level of accuracy, and built to an airworthy standard, owing to the input and cooperation of the original designer, E.M. Matty Laird, and the pilot, General James Doolittle, but the decision was taken to place the aircraft directly on display in the museum, and not fly it.
The EAA museum replica, mounted in a dramatic air racing pose, but forever grounded
10 years later, Jim Moss, a prolific builder of Golden Age style biplanes, as well as being a long time airshow and antique pilot, decided it was time a Super Solution once again flew, and along with a dedicated group of friends he did just that.
Jim Moss Super Solution under construction
Jim and friends built the aircraft over a 4 year span, starting in 1996 and Jim made the first flight December 6, 2000. Jim then flew the aircraft to the annual Oshkosh Convention in 2002,
Jim Moss Super Solution on display at Oshkosh 2002
and soon afterwards the aircraft was sold to Kermit Weeks Fantasy of Flight museum, where it is displayed today.
The aircraft has not flown since arrival at the museum in 2002.
Jim Moss Super Solution on display in the Kermit Weeks Fantasy of Flight museum in Polk City, Florida
There are no other Super Solution projects underway, (that I know of)
There is no possibility of the EAA replica ever being flown, and it seems quite unlikely the Fantasy of Flight replica will fly again.
So, it is time another one had a chance to show just what an amazing aircraft the Super Solution was.

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